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Y108 彼女の隙〜デパート勤務5年目〜

Creator:Fetish LAB.
Scene time:00:14:48

Price 1,599yen


Showing a gap ~ She usually works as a clerk in a department store.She usually works as a department store clerk. Recent customer service is often nervous. It is essential to smile in front of the customer. And work quickly and carefully! Of course, sometimes stress builds up. In such a case, refresh yourself in her unique way. She says that this method is light and radiant, and is the best way to relieve stress.

表現出差距〜她通常在百貨公司擔任文員。 她通常是百貨公司的職員。最近的客戶服務通常很緊張。在客戶面前微笑至關重要。並迅速而仔細地工作!當然,有時壓力會增加。在這種情況下,請以她獨特的方式刷新自己。她說這種方法既輕又輻射,是緩解壓力的最佳方法。

表现出差异〜她通常在百货公司当文员。 她通常是百货公司的职员。最近的客户服务通常很紧张。在客户面前微笑至关重要。并迅速而仔细地工作!当然,有时压力会增加在这种情况下,请以她独特的方式刷新自己。她说这种方法既轻又辐射,是缓解压力的最佳方法。

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