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Y120 ある日の宿題~サマーニットコーデ~

Creator:Fetish LAB.
Scene time:00:19:03

Price 2,599yen


Homework of one day.~ summer knit~When I participated in Fetish Factory GAGON's shooting as a model, there were some clothes that I couldn't coordinate well. They finished without shooting. I received the clothes and this was my homework. I don't know if this coordination is perfect, but I enjoyed it so much. First, I wore the summer knit and got wet.

作業〜夏天的毛衣。當我以模特的身份參加“戀物工廠加貢”的拍攝時,很難協調衣服。 他們完蛋了沒有照拍攝。那件衣服成了我的功課。我不知道這種協調是否完美,但這很有趣。首先,我穿了一件夏天的毛衣,弄濕了。

作业〜夏天的毛衣。当我以模特的身份参加“恋物工厂加贡”的拍摄时,很难协调衣服。 他们完蛋了没有照拍摄。 那件衣服成了我的功课。 我不知道这种协调是否完美,但这很有趣。 首先,我穿了一件夏天的毛衣,弄湿了。

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