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Y157 彼女のカミングアウト

Creator:Fetish LAB.
Scene time:00:11:51

Price 1199yen


"【Reveal the secret.】Story:At the end of one day, she suddenly started talking seriously. “I has have a one of secret to you.” she said. I listens to her story, feeling her tension next to her.
(Hinata-comment:When I want to stay with my favorite person forever, I want you to know your own habits ... I want to enjoy it together ... ♪ I thought, and reproduced it in the clothes wet habit version I tried ^^)"

【揭開秘密。】故事:一天結束的時候,她突然開始認真地說話。 “我對妳有一箇/個秘密。”她說。 我聽着她的故事,感受着她身邊的緊張。 (日嚮評語:當我想永遠和我最喜歡的人在一起時,我想讓知道自己的習慣......我想一起享受......♪我想,並在衣服濕習慣版中復/複制我 試過^^)

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