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Messy Scene0025 Messy Scene0025

Creator:Fetish Factory
Scene time:00:32:54

Price 1,999yen



The second segment features the girl from the first and another, taller girl with a super-sly smile... (You just KNOW this girl has been messy before and she likes it!) The latter is in a smart red dress and the former back in uniform. Their game is very straightforward: they play 'rock, paper, scissors' over and over, with the loser TAKING A WHIPPED CREAM PIE from the winner EACH TIME! Some of the pies are to the bum, some to the breasts, but mostly it's a pie-in-the-face game. And when all the pies have been plattered... we are treated to the high school girl plunging face-first into a pile of the whipped-cream-goo, and then rolling around in it until she's completely covered! And, as with most of our videos, we get to watch the girls in the shower! First, we see the girl after the first segment wringing the slime out of her school-girl's skirt and then showering fully clothed before entering the bathtub, still clothed. Then we see her and the other girl from the second part, fully clothed, showering each other off.

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