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Messy Scene0029 Messy Scene0029

Creator:Fetish Factory
Scene time:00:23:54

Price 1,499yen



The two girls from SG-1 are back with some new games. The short, ultra-hot girl is again in her school-girl's uniform, and the taller girl with the sly smile is in a bank-worker's uniform. They kick off their shoes to put on some pantyhose, and then they try to tear them off of each other! This wrestlingmatch is, of course, held in a big puddle of green slime, so they achieve a great shiny soaking of their clothes and hair. We get to watch two rounds of this and then a third round where ketchup and mayo also enter the picture, squirted onto the girls' clothes, face and hair as they wrestle. The short girl wins two of three, so the loser has ketchup poured over her face!

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