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Messy Scene0031 Messy Scene0031

Creator:Fetish Factory
Scene time:00:25:08

Price 1,599yen



After the water sports, the girl with black hair changes into a dark, professional business suit and the brown-haired girl puts on a school-girl's uniform (oh my...) and they play a game with whipped cream pies. It's "rock, paper, scissors" again, with the winner splatting a pie somewhere on the loser: bum, breast, between the legs and, finally, in the face. The girls have a lot of fun, laughing while giving and taking pies-in-the-face, and then it's time for both of them to lie down and roll in the aftermath, getting completely covered. But they don't stop there! They procede to burst balloons (without using their hands) in the huge puddle of pie residue, both of them still covered from head to toe in whipped cream. And, as always, we are witness to the girls showering each other off, fully clothed.

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