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Messy Scene0056 Messy Scene0056

Creator:Fetish Factory
Scene time:00:45:49

Price 2,799yen



The second part sees a change of location to indoors, and a change of clothing as the Phillipino girl wears a black and grey striped business suit with a skirt, and the Japanese girl wears a purple skirted business suit. The mess begins with the girls taking turns pouring salad dressing down the front. back, inside and outside of each other's jackets. The really cool part, though, is that the Japanese girl is blindfolded, so the Phillipino girl has to guide her through all of her actions! The mess continues with mayonnaise and honey; it also gets really, really hot! (I'm normally a pie-in-the-face guy, but even though this video doesn't have face coverage, it still really did it for me!) The next addition is some chocolate sauce, and the girls do a lot of smearing with their hands, and even a touch of licking. (It's so obviousthat the Phillipino girl enjoys the wholeexperience, watching her face alone is intriguing.) Eventually, they're wallowing in a huge puddle, taking offtheir shoes and scooping up goo in them, then pouring it over their heads. The smearing and caressing get even hotter and the film has it's finale in a long scene with the girls totally messed and totally digging each other and the experience. If you like messy clothes, you need this video!

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